Monday, March 31, 2014

Products worth the hype. #1

Beauty blogging has become quite popular and it seems that there are an infinite amount of them on the web these days. That means that there will be many products being reviewed and gaining a certain popularity among them.  Some of these products are worth all the hype they are receiving, however, some really are not.

From makeup, to skincare and more, here are the products I have purchased due to an overwhelming popularity in the beauty blogger world, and whether or not I found they deserved the title of "best product ever".

Urban Decay Naked palette (the original)

Urban Decay is very well known for having amazingly pigmented and overall good quality eyeshadows. A couple years ago they came out with a do it all palette for everyday wear, then was born the Naked palette. There are 12 shades in the palette that range from light champagne shades to dark coppers and browns.  All are very pigmented, blend beautifully and last all day.  The price is the only down side ($60), as it is with many high end makeup item, but if you are a sensible person, unlike myself, and you only purchase one neutral palette that can work for everyday and on a special occasion, then the UD naked palette is the one for you. I've had mine for over a year now, have used it almost everyday and haven't hit pan on any shadow yet. 

M.A.C lipsticks

(From left to right: Rebel, Pink Nouveau, All Fired Up)

(From left to right: Fanfare, Please Me, Lady Danger)

Everyone seems to know the names, finishes and shades of the M.A.C lipsticks. The packaging is sleek and classic.  They even look great displayed on your vanity table. Over the past year or so I've become quite a M.A.C lipstick junky.  I've accumulated 6 shades and I love every single one.  A great advantage of the Mac counters is that the salespeople will actively help you find a shade that suits you, and that means cleaning 5 to 10 lipsticks so you can try them on and decide which shade of pink goes best with your pale winter skin.  Some find Mac lipsticks to be too drying, but I disagree.  All you need is a moisturizing lip balm and you're good to go. These lipsticks last very long on the lips, which is always essential and the colour payoff is always on point. A M.A.C lipstick costs $18, but in my mind they are worth every penny. 

Benefit Gimme Brow

(I have the shade light/medium)

It took me a while to start doing my brows on a daily basis, don't ask me why, it just didn't seem important to me. Then one day I decided to groom them properly and apply a brow powder and the result was amazing. It really does frame your face and makes you look that much more put together. Even if all you have on is some concealer, mascara and lip balm, doing your brows changes your entire appearance. Ever since I made that life changing discovery, I was on the prowl for the best brow product, and let me tell you I found it.  Benefit Gimme Brow is a miracle in a tube. In a couple sweeps your brows can go from unruly messes to sleek, human eyebrows. 

There you go, a first post on the products that get a lot of buzz and in my opinion deserve it. More posts like this will come later ! 

Hope you all enjoyed  :) Leave a comment with products you find are worth the hype, or maybe that aren't.

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