Sunday, December 15, 2013

My Top 5 Fave Fall Fashion and Beauty Trends

Every year at this time there are certain elements that become quite popular and on trend.  This season I have been loving five things, fashion and beauty related, and I will be sharing them with you.
1) Dark lips
I’m not talking about any regular red lips. I’m talking about DARK lips. Now let’s not start assuming I have joined a heavy metal band, oh no! I mean I am loving dark purple/plum lips.  The new addition to my dark lipstick collection is Rebel by MAC. It looks quite scary in the tube, but it can be applied lightly to give a dark fuschia lip or it can be applied with a heavier hand to give a dark sultry lip.  A definite must for this season.
2) Big sweaters
As winter approaches the weather changes and takes a turn for the worst.  This means that the days become shorter, the wind stronger, and the motivation to dress nicely disappears and gives way to a need for warmth.  My love for fashion still holds manages to peek through with some big warm sweaters.  They are nice and warm and can be paired with a statement necklace, a pretty scarf or nice boots to make the outfit fashionable.  I have a couple favorite sweaters, one is an off-white sweater from Zara and the other is a salmony pink sweater from DailyLook.  
3) Ankle booties
I just recently purchased my first pair of ankle boots. Usually I’m more of a riding boots type of girl, but I’ve been loving wearing my ankle boots for the past couple months. I wear them with jeans or leggings and they look great.  Mine are from DailyLook.  
4) Brown and purple nails
Having dark colors on the nails is another recurring trend for the fall and I have been loving painting mine in dark purples and nude browns lately. I find that these colors add a little extra color to an outfit, or even to the skin.  Since summer is over and we don’t get as much sun, our skin pales and is in need of some warmth.  Having colored nails is a way to liven up any look.  My favorite nail polish for fall is Suzie and the seven Dusseldorfs from OPI. 
5) Beanies
Ok, I must admit that I don’t actually own a beanie.  I have however tried several on in stores and have been loving the look on others. I have yet to find the perfect color for me (as I have blonde hair and I find that white beanies make it look yellow).  My next purchase will definitely be a beanie, most likely from HandM. 
There you go, these are my favorite trends this season.  I hope you all are keeping warm with some hot tea and a blanket on the couch while reading this.  Cheers!

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