Sunday, February 16, 2014

Battle of the concealers

There is one product that is essential to almost any beauty routine, whether it is extremely elaborate or super simple, and that is concealer.  Let's be honest, most women have something they want to cover up and most of them will use a concealer to do the job properly and quickly.

Concealer is a wonderful little gem. It can be used for spot coverage, under eye brightening, highlighting, contouring, and more.

Having a concealer handy at all tines is without question one of the most important things in a woman's daily beauty needs.

I, being prone to spots on my face, am no stranger to having a concealer with ne.  That also means that I have tried my fair share of concealers over the years, many different brands, consistencies, packaging, etc.

Here are my top concealer pics:

1) NARS radiant creany concealer, $32

This might be my favourite concealer of the bunch, and for now, my favourite concealer overall.  It is thick enough to cover blemishes on the face and smooth enough to put under the eyes to cover dark circles.  I LOVE this product, even with its $32 price tag.

2) Bourjois Healthy Mix concealer, $14

This is a great drugstore option, although in Canada it is not sold at drugstore prices.  I love this concealer for everyday use, it stays in place, covers well and overall is a great product for the price.

3) Tarte Maracuja Creaseless Concealer, $29

This is a really thick concealer that will definitely cover everything you need to cover. Pesky spots be gone with this product.  I find it a little thick to place under the eyes, but it still works.

4) Rimmel Wake Me Up concealer, $7

I love this concealer for under the eyes.  It brightens and stays in place very well.  A great buy, and for less than ten dollars, it cannot be beat.  You can also use this to highlight because of its laminating qualities.  You cannot use this to cover spots, though, because no one wants to bring attention to unwanted blemishes on the face.

5) Maybelline Dream Lumi touch highlighting concealer, $10

This product is absolutely amazing for highlighting and bringing an extra little something to the face. It has also often been compared to the ever popular YSL Touche Éclat highlighter pen, which costs a whopping $50, and many people love the Maybelline dupe better.  I love this product because it works great under the eyes and the texture is easy to work with.


  1. I am glad I came across your blog! I too love makeup! If you want to follow each other let me know!

    1. Definitely! Will go look up your blog right now :) Are you on Bloglovin?

  2. I use the one from maybeline, and I love it! I definitely want to try out the concealer from Nars, it looks great!

  3. The NARS is definitely worth the money! Also there is the Collection concealer that is amazing that I just discovered! If you are in the UK and can get your hands on it, definitely try it out :)