Monday, July 28, 2014

Candles and Tea

I was trying to figure out what to write about this week and I decided it was time for a non-beauty post.

There are two things that I use everyday while I'm getting ready that make the beginning or end of my day that much more special.  I'm talking about candles and tea.  Nothing is more pleasant than having a nice cup of tea and a candle burning.

Here are my current summertime tea and candle favorites.

Bath and Body Works Bahama Fizz
I'll start out with this one considering I bought it last summer, and therefore I don't think it's still available... This scent is SWEET!  It smells like candy.  When I lifted the cover and smelled it in the store I instantly was reminded of childhood games.  For some reason, this candle to me smells exactly like the Harry Potter potion making game I had when I was a kid.  This candle just brings back fun memories and I love it!

Ladurée Marie-Antoinette Black Tea
I especially love this tea in the morning for an extra boost of caffeine and citrus.  The flavour is great and since I don't like black teas (strong teas) I let it steep for a minute and it comes out perfectly! A yummy start to the day is always a great idea.

Target Island Coconut 
This scent is the definition of summer.  It's a warm coconut scent that makes the entire house smell like and island paradise. Plus, this candle was less than $10, it just cannot be beat.

David's Tea Sangria 
When it gets really hot in the summer there is nothing better and more refreshing than homemade iced tea. I love using this one because believe it or not it does taste a lot like the ever popular wine punch that people adore during the hot months.

Bath and Body Works Honeysuckle Candle
This is part of my most recent trip to BBW and I adore this scent.  It's light, fresh and slightly floral.  A perfect candle to burn in the morning while getting ready.

David's Tea Mango Punch 
Another one of this season's iced teas.  This has been my go-to drink on the hot days this summer. It's sweet, yet refreshing as well.  Go grab some while it's still available!

Bath and Body Works Tuscan Herbs Candle
This candle smells very fresh and soothing with a little zestiness thrown in.  This candle smells like a sweet delicious salad. Perfect to burn during the day.

Martin and Stewart Organic Wild Blueberry Tea
I picked this up at a local Ten Thousand Villages boutique last month and it tastes just as yummy as it sounds. It's great with breakfast and at night just before bed.  An all around great tea, and good for the world too.

Bath and Body Works Ocean Driftwood Candle 
If you've ever stepped foot in an Abercrombie or Hollister store, you'll know how those stores instantly make you want to smell like a hot man.  This candle smells exactly like that.  What better way to add an extra little something to a room then to make it smell like a shirtless hunk?

Bath and Body Works Eucalyptus Mint Candle
I've saved the best for last!  This candle is actually the second of this exact scent that I have purchased.  It smells so fresh and comforting and spa-like. The ultimate fragrance to envelope a room with relaxing vibes.  This will definitely be staying in my candle stash for a very long time.

Let me know which candles and teas I should try next :)


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