Friday, August 1, 2014

July Favorites 2014

To be honest, there haven't been that many new products this month that have become new favorites. However there are a few items that I just haven't talked about before that need to be mentioned in this post.

So here we go :)

TonyMoly Crystal Jelly Cheek Pot
I mentioned this product in my Asian Beauty Haul and I've been using it a lot and really enjoying the colour.  It's a really light peachy/pink shade that works great with bronzed skin for the summer.

Guy Bourdin x Nars One Night Stand Cheek Palette
I know this has been out since before Christmas and that it was limited edition, but most of the shades in the palette are permanent. Plus, Nars comes out with a new cheek palette like this every year during the holidays.  So keep an eye out for a new limited edition palette from Nars next holiday season.  I've been using the bottom middle shade a lot this month and I adore it.  A perfect coral shade for summer.  Laguna is also included in this palette, which is the most coveted bronzer in the makeup lover world, and I must agree that it's quite an awesome product.

Macadamia Healing Oil Treatment
At some point in July I had the chance to 'spend my points' at Pharmaprix/Shopper's Drug Mart (Canadian Drugstore) and was able to pick up some items that I wouldn't have purchased usually.  One of these items was this Macadamia Oil.  I have used their Deep Repair Masque and love it so I figured I'd give the oil from the same range a try and OMG do I ever ADORE this stuff.  It has changed my hair.  I've been using oils on my hair every time I shower for at least a year now, but this is the absolute best by far.  My hair feels thick, shiny and healthy.  I colour my hair to remain blonde, so that means I am prone to breakage and split ends, but this stuff helps a whole lot.  Go pick this up right away and you will see how amazing it is.  The price is a little steep, at $36, but you really only need a pea-size amount, so this bottle may very well last me several years.

Clinique High Impact Mascara
I have a serious lack of faith in high end mascaras because I feel as though any mascara, whether it costs $5 or $30, will do the same thing.  Your lashes are there and no amount of product will make them look that much more amazing.  However, I had this Clinique mascara in a sample size that I decided to test out and I fell in love with it! It really does make my lashes longer and makes them look full and luscious.  I definitely want to purchase the full size of this when I run out of this mini one.

The Body Shop Olive Body Scrub
During the summer months it becomes very important to have beautiful skin, and not just on your face.  Your whole body is exposed when it gets hot out. When your wearing shorts and tank tops all the time, you need to make sure your skin is in tip top shape.  I've been using this The Body Shop Body Scrub since last summer, hence the grungy looking packaging.  I really love this stuff, the scent is subtle yet refreshing.  Scrubs from The Body Shop are really great and they have a vast range of scents and textures to please just about everyone.

Eyelash Curlers
You may be wondering why this product is being featured in my monthly favorites, well let me tell you why.  No, I haven't just discovered the existence of this product.  I have however found an amazing trick to use these bad boys to make your lashes look their ultimate best! Here is the video that changed my lashes for the better!  Thank you Wayne Goss!

Those were my favorites this month, let me know what you loved !


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