Saturday, September 5, 2015

Eyes To Kill : Favorite Mascaras of the Moment

When wearing a new beauty product, something you're excited about, the best feeling is when someone notices the change. An even more amazing feeling is when they compliment you on it.

I mention this because, as a rule, it's not too often that I get compliments on my makeup. I'm not saying I'm completely rubbish at it and it looks crap all the time.  I'm simply saying that it's something others don't tend to notice as easily as a new dress or shoes.

Both these mascaras work wonders on my lashes.  They lengthen and volumize to make me look extra doll-like. I like long thick lashes, that's my personal preference and these babies do the trick. One of these is a drugstore affordable option, while the other is high end and quite pricy. I love them both and have actually been layering the two to make my lashes extra amazing.

Chanel Le Volume $38

L'Oréal Voluminous Carbon Black $9.99

The $30 price difference definitely makes you do a double take. If you are on a budget, definitely spring for the L'Oréal mascara, but if you can afford to splurge a bit the Chanel one is absolutely worth the money.

Something else I've been loving is layering my mascaras. I don't just do it with these two, but many others. I find that using two different formulas makes the lashes longer and fuller, no matter which mascaras I use.

Let me know which mascaras are your favorites.


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