Saturday, June 14, 2014

Ipsy June 2014: Pretty in Paradise

I received my June Ipsy bag yesterday and wanted to get this post up ASAP.  I did not put up a post about the May bag, because since I got home in May and received the April and May bags within a week of one another, I chose to write about the most exciting of the two, which was the April bag.

This month's theme is all about the beach and summer and being on a tropical island paradise.  The bag has been designed by Rebecca Minkoff and is really, for lack of a better word, pretty!

Here is what I received in my June bag :

Skinn Olive and Enzyme Cleanser
I haven't actually tested this product out yet, but I put a dollup on the back of my hand and rubbed it in just to see what it felt like.  The scent is great!  So fruity and inviting without being to fake and chemically, which will irritate my sensitive skin.  It made the back of my hand feel really good so I'm game to give it a real go and try it out on my face.  This product is also great because it can also be used as a mask.  You can't not love a multitasking, great smelling product.

Marc Anthony Dream Waves Beach Spray
To be honest, I'm not a huge fan of Beach spray because it tends to really dry out my hair and naturally my hair is already wavy and tends to have that beachy look without me having to do much to it.  I decided to give it a go just to see what this one is like.  The scent is amazing, it smells like pina coladas! For a beach spray, you can't get a scent more perfectly right than that.  It definitely added some texture to my hair and made it even more beachy, but it did dry it out a bit.  I won't be using this product on dry hair, but maybe I'll try on wet hair, after showering.

NYX Butter Gloss in Eclair
I've been hearing about the NYX butter glosses for so long and was never able to get my hands on them.  Living in Canada means not being able to access all the amazing american cosmetic brands.  So when I opened my Ipsy bag and saw a NYX butter gloss I was super excited! Plus mine was in a shade that is very wearable for everyday.  I immediately put it on and loved it.  It also smells like cookies, which is never a bad thing ;)

Nicka K New York Shimmer Eyeliner in Blue
I was excited to see this product in my bag because I love bright blue on my eyes during summertime.  I tried it out and it was a great product.  The brush is thin which allows for precise application.  The liner stays put all day, even after running through the rain. I'll definitely be putting this stuff to good use in the next few months.

Laneige BB Cushion
 This is definitely the disappointing product of the bunch.  The size and packaging of the sample is ridiculous.  I really dislike receiving samples imbedded in cardboard or plastic cards like this.  Although I do have to say it is a good idea to provide various colour ranges in the sample, because no two people are alike, but Ipsy does make us take a personal style quiz and part of that is our skin tone, which would then allow them to send the correct shade to the subscriber in a more deluxe sample size. The problem with this packaging is that once you open it, you can't close it back up again, it's a one time use thing. How can someone possibly know if they like a product from a one time application and use?

When you purchase the full size it comes with a cushion applicator which is antimicrobial to ensure complete hygiene when applying one's makeup.  The sample thing came with a mini sponge as well, so we can actually apply the product with the correct applicator.  However, I have strong doubts about  this sponge being antimicrobial...

All of this being said, I was so riled up and intrigued about this product that I needed to give it a go.  So that's exactly what I did.  I wanted to test the product on my hand before putting it on my face, so I opened the dark shade, which would never suit me.  Right away I noticed the very strong fragrance of the product and that instantly turned me off.  My skin is sensitive and anything with added fragrance can and will irritate my skin.  After rubbing the dark shade on the back of my hand and seeing how it applied I went to wash it off but it did not come off. I used makeup remover, washed my hands several times, used a towel to wipe it off, but it stained my hand.  Several hours later I could still see the remnants of it.  I tried a bit on my face (the light shade) and removed it straight away.  The coverage was almost non-existent and I didn't want the fragrance to irritate me.  I then chucked everything in the trash.

So there you have it, my thoughts about this month's Ipsy bag!

Let me know what you got in your Ipsy bag this month.



  1. You can buy NYX cosmetics at Target :) Though I know the one where I am is very bad at keeping the shelves filled with anything.

  2. Very true, although the prices are quite high in Canada and they don't carry the Butter Glosses in the Targets near me....