Saturday, June 21, 2014

Lip Product Addict!

After watching some of my favorite youtube beauty gurus create and film the Lip Product Addict TAG video, I thought it would be fun to write up a blog post about my best lippies!

There are 8 questions/categories, so let's get started...

1) Favourite balm/treatment?

After being in France for several months, it was obligatory for me to try some French skincare and makeup brands.  One of my favorites that I discovered was Nuxe.  Their Rêve de Miel Lip balm is AMAZING!  I started using this back in November when the cold weather and chapped lips were upon us.  I have been using it ever since and cannot see myself not having this gem around.  I use it at night and when I wake up my lips are hydrated, soft and plump, perfectly prepped for the day's makeup.

There is another product that needs mentioning in this category, Lush Mint Julips sugar scrub.  One cannot have soft beautiful lips without exfoliating them, at least once in a while.  This stuff is great!  Yes you can make your own at home, but this stuff lasts, it smells great, and it's 10 dollars. I've had mine for over two years and it is still good and I use it all the time.

2) Best eye-catching red?

When it comes to red lips, anything too dark will wash me out, therefore I find it's best for me to wear   lighter reds/orange-toned reds.  My go-to bright red shade of the moment has to be MAC's Lady Danger.  It is GORGEOUS! And since it is orange-toned, it's also great for the spring and summer, but I won't be putting it away when September comes around either.  This red is here to stay!

3) Best luxury and best drugstore?

Since luxury and drugstore lippies are often not all that different, I don't tend to splurge on high end lip products.  I'm more likely to spend my money on foundation or other base products instead of a lipstick or gloss. That being said, I do have a couple more expensive lipsticks that are worth mentioning.  My favorite has to be from Smashbox.  The formula of these lipsticks are just so great, creamy and pigmented.  The packaging is sleek and elegant.  An overall great product that I'll reach for most often (after my MAC lippies of course).  I have two shades Posy Pink and Electric Pink.

As for drugstore lip products, I have to go with the Rimmel Apocaplips Lip Lacquers.  I have six shades from the range and love every single one.  They are so pigmented and last a really long time.  You can't get any better that this.  The two shades here are the two I wear most of the six: Apocapliptic and Stellar. 

4) Best MAC lipstick?

It's no secret that I adore MAC lipsticks, and I have accumulated a fair amount recently.  It's quite difficult to choose just one favorite, but I have to with the one that I consistently reach for, and that jas to be Please Me. This was my first taste of what MAC lipsticks are all about and I was very happy with this one. It's a light wearable pink that is a matte finish, a great versatile color that I have used a lot, as can be seen in the picture, the lettering has started wearing off.

5) The most disappointing?

There is a lipstick that isn't all that great, but has a high price.  I'm talking about the Victoria's Secret lipstick.  I have the shade Restraint. I bought this shade last summer, because I figured why not try some makeup from the oh-so popular lingerie brand.  However, the price is equal to that of a MAC lipstick, but the overall product does not even come close to MAC quality.  The VS packaging, to start off with is bulky and plastic and should be a lot nicer for $20.

6) Liner yes or no?
I wish I was a liner girl, but I just am not.  I cannot be bothered to apply liner after an entire makeup application.  When I apply my lip product, I want it to go on quickly and for it to look good.  Liner just isn't that rush and go type of thing.  It has to be applied with precision and takes time.  So most of the time, I don't even bother.

7) Best gloss?

Back in February, well-known blogger/youtuber Tanya Burr came out with her own line of lip glosses and nail polishes. I was really excited because she is such a fun and positive person and her makeup tutorials are always on point.  She was the perfect person to come out with a line of makeup products.  I ordered five shades off of and have been wearing one of the shades every day since. They are pigmented, buttery, they smell good, they stay on for a really long time, they are pigmented and the best part, they are affordable!  It can't get any better than this. My favorite shade is Afternoon Tea.

8) Something extra!

I've mentioned this product before, but it's so good, it has to be talked about some more.  The Bite Beauty Luminous Crème Lipstick Duo in Neutral: Lychee and Musk.  For being an all natural brand, this stuff delivers! The formula is smooth and hydrating and the colour is simply perfect.  I love this little two-ended wonder and I really want to try more stuff from this line.

There you have it!  I've delved deep into my lip products and pulled out the shining stars, and a few that aren't so bright.

Let me know what your favorite lip products are !



  1. Yes yes yes! Please Me is just the perfect pink for everyday. It makes you look put together but not like you have tried hard all at the same time. I love it and am just about to run out of my 4th tube of it!

    Kristen xox // Everybeauty Talks

  2. Oh wow! 4th tube! That's dedication haha ! Thanks for reading and commenting :) xx