Thursday, June 5, 2014

Spring Blooms

Over here in Montreal, the weather has been quite wonky for the past couple weeks, there have been some scorching hot days, followed by cold and rainy ones.  This is typical Canadian weather, but it's never pleasant to have a yo-yo of temperatures and climates, especially when it's June and all anyone wants is to bust out the shorts and grab a bite and some drinks out on a terrace somewhere in town.

So I decided to put together a fun little post with some pictures of the flowers I've photographed in the past couple weeks.

Hope you all enjoy :)



    (gerbera daisy)


    (brunnera macrophylla)

                            (lily of the valley)

And here's a little bonus pic of my doggie chilling out while I take all these photos. :)

I hope this post succeeded in brightening up your day if the climate is as gloomy where you live as it is here, and if you live somewhere sunny, send some good weather vibes my way please!

Have a great weekend everyone and feel free to share posts, pics, links to anything to brighten up our moods and weather :)


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