Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Travel Essentials : Thailand.

This is a late post, but better late than never. I have taken a two-week hiatus from this blog due to vacation, hence the subject of this post. I am now back, and there will be posts once again consistently on Tuesdays and Saturdays.

The items featured in this were gathered before my trip, obviously, and since I am back home now, I can give a full review of each and tell you how useful they really were. 

I've been back from Thailand for a few days now and am starting to feel normal again, meaning the jet lag is starting to dissipate.  To give you a better idea of how jet lagged I was, I live in Montreal, Canada, and there is an 11-hour time difference between here and Thailand.

The first thing I recommend to bring on any trip, no matter the length, is a guide book. Yes we do live in a world where wifi and google is widely available, but there is nothing more satisfying than finding a cool place to eat or visit or a useful travel tip in a book. I chose the Guide du Routard: Thaïlande. Yes it is in French, but in my opinion the best guide book for budget traveling.

Next comes the very important bag of antibiotics, electrolytes, bandaids, antibacterial ointment, etc. I went to a travel clinic before leaving and got preventative vaccines and prescriptions for illnesses that travellers are prone to getting abroad. This bag came in handy, especially the electrolytes, those were definitely a godsend! The absolute best way for us to rehydrate and feel better.

Also a necessity is insect repellent. In a country where you can catch about six different diseases from mosquitoes, this was a must-have. I was recommended to buy Watkins because it has the highest percentage of diet (30%) that one can purchase over the counter in Canada. It proved quite effective I must say.

I brought some Wet Ones as a quick antibacterial surface cleaner, but I didn't end up using these. I was happy to have them around though in case I needed them and they weren't bulky to lug around. I mostly just used my hand sanitizer.

This goes without saying, but bringing sunscreen on any vacation, especially one where most of the time will be spent outdoors and on beaches is absolutely vital. I brought a 50SPF all natural sunscreen and the Biotherm Face Multi-Protection Sun Cream SPF 30. I love this stuff. It works well, doesn't leave a greasy feeling on my face and actually hydrates the skin nicely.

Being in a hot climate means sandals and nails being exposed. I brought along the Formula X The System To Go as a quick mani-pedi fix. I did not use the colour in the kit, but a coral colour from Teeez called Cotton Candy (will be featured in my May favorites post).

For skincare, I wanted to keep the same routine, but not lug around the full size products, so I picked up the travel kit of Ole Henriksen 3 Little Wonders Kit. I have loved these products for months now and they didn't disappoint on this trip either.

I wanted to bring a pair of comfortable shoes to wear on the plane and while walking around when in Thailand, so I picked up these Sketchers with memory foam. They are really really comfortable and easy to put on and take off, however, it is way to hot there to even think about wearing closed shoes, so I only wore these on the plane rides and had my Birkenstocks on the entire two weeks in Thailand.

And there you have it, some of the essential items I brought with me to Thailand. Let me know if you would like a more thorough packing list.

I will be posting more Thailand trip posts in the next couple weeks as well so stay tuned!


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