Saturday, October 3, 2015

September Favorites 2015

It's October, Halloween is in less than a month and Christmas is just around the corner, but before we start getting frostbite and fed up with the lack of warm weather, lets reminisce about the last little remnants of summer we had to enjoy in September and the items that I loved using or discovering this past month.

The Body Shop Spa of the World Polynesian Monoi Radiance Oil
A mouthful of a name that is, but a beautiful product none the less. It's part of The Body Shop's newest product range, Spa of the World. I've been seeing and hearing about this new line since August and I was really excited to be able to smell and sample these products first hand when they would release in the Fall in Canada. Finally, I was able to walk into a The Body Shop store and see an entire display of Spa of the World products.

I picked up this body and hair oil, firstly because of the scent. It's sweet and floral, with hints of coconut. The packaging is also very practical for an oil, and it's also not bad to look at.

The Body Shop Indian Night Jasmine Eau de Toilette 
I was perusing through the rest of the store after checking out their newest range (see above paragraph) and picked up the tester of this to smell and was sold! It smells phenomenal. To me it smells almost exactly like Juicy Couture Noir, which is a very popular and pricy fragrance. This scent is a fraction of the price! Give it a sniff next time you walk into a The Body Shop.

Orly Nailtrition 
I'm unsure whether I've featured this product before, but if I have that would just show how much I do love this stuff. It's a nail strengthening and growth treatment that is to be applied everyday for a week then removed at the end of the seventh day. I don't really think of applying this everyday, but when my nails are bare I love applying this to make them shine and feel harder.

Lush Cup O' Coffee Scrub
I wrote an entire blog post on this one product, so check that out here if you want more details on this product. Bottom line, I adore this scrub, it brightens, smells great and the ingredients are simple and non-irritating.

Astor Heidi Lipstick
This is the ultimate Fall lip colour for me. It's a berry red that suits my fair skin marvellously. The weather started getting cooler during the past week and I busted this one out and it hasn't left my lips. The formula is also wonderful, applies beautifully and lasts a long time.

H&M Scarf
I picked this up back in June when I was in Frankfurt, but who needs a scarf in the summertime ? I've been using is over the past week or so when it has started to get a little chilly here. I think this scarf is beautiful for Fall and a great transition piece because it isn't too heavy.

Those were my September favourites, let me know what you have loved this past month.


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