Saturday, November 22, 2014

Bite Beauty Lip Love Kit Review

I bought this almost two months ago. I've been testing the products out almost everyday to see if they work well and if this set is worth purchasing. I have been on a Bite Beauty love fest for a little while now and I keep buying their products, especially value sets like this one because you get to try out several products for a very good price.

This Bite Beauty sets contains four products for the care of healthy and gorgeous lips.

Here are the products and my thoughts after using them for several weeks...

Agave Lip Mask
This product has been absolutely raved about ever since it came out several months ago. I've had my eye on it for sure, but I couldn't justify purchasing the full size.  I have been using a very good lip balm from Nuxe for over a year and love it. I was really happy to try it out finally. It definitely feels like a mask. It's really thick and sits on the lips and feels like it's moisturizing the heck out of them. It also smells really yummy.

BB for Lips in Tawny 
I've been really enjoying popping this on my lips on natural makeup days. If it claims to keep my lips in good shape, looking young and moisturized, I'm all for it. The colour is also great for fall, a very natural flushed red lip is the result it gives. A big thumbs up!

Whipped Cherry fruit scrub
The scent of this product is enough to make me purchase it! If you like fruity fragrances, if you like cherries? Then you'll love how this smells. It's a very gently scrub, though, so not the best for really dry and flaky lips. I use it under a lip balm and sleep with it on. In the morning my lips are wonderfully smooth.

Lush Lip Wipe
I haven't tried this out yet and frankly I don't really see the usefulness of this product. If i want to remove my lipstick I'll use a micellar  water which works very quickly and easily. This could be useful to travel with, but really it's just an extra luxury that isn't necessary.

Final thoughts...
This set retails for $40 in Canada and I believe that it is worth the money. I love sets and being able to try out popular and good quality products at a lower price. Bite Beauty is a great brand and their products are wonderful to use. This kit would make a great gift for anyone who loves a little pampering or just likes having nice lips. I highly recommend this kit!

Which Bite products do you all think are great?


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