Saturday, November 1, 2014

October Favorites 2014

October is already over ! What? This cannot be accurate. That means Christmas is just around the corner and I am not ready. But for now let's talk about what I've loved over the past month.

Lush Ocean Salt Scrub
I saw this while watching an old skincare video by Karissa Pukas. She said it was a great facial scrub to use. The next time I went to the mall and went to Lush to check this stuff out. The instant I smelled it, I knew it was coming home with me.  It smells like a margarita! What can possible be better than that? It claims to give you a 'glowing complexion'. I love that there is vodka in this. Call me crazy, say it's not good, or bla bla bla. I love the feeling of this. I use the tiniest amount, about the size of a pea for my entire face. It's a salt scrub so I'm very careful not to use too much or rub too hard when using it, because it could irritate the skin if used with too much roughness. It feels slightly tingly on the skin, surely because of the vodka, but I don't mind it at all, it's not a bad feeling, it doesn't burn. It's just perfect. My skin looks good after using this stuff and I'll repurchase the bigger size after I'm done with this one.

The Body Shop Chocolate Lotion
I received this in my swap with my lovely French friend and I've been loving applying it at night after  my shower. It smells delicious and feels so pampering. The Body Shop always gets it right when it comes to body care products. It sinks into the skin very nicely, leaves a subtly chocolatey scent on the skin. Feels like I'm a giant cookie falling asleep with this stuff on.

Bite Beauty High Pigment Lip Pencil in Rhubarb
I reviewed the entire Bite Remix set a few posts back, but this colour has been on my lips the most this month. It's just so great! A great fall colour, not too bright to be distracting, but bold enough to add that little extra pop to my makeup look. I might have to buy the full size when I run out of this very soon.

Laura Mercier Silk Creme Foundation in Rose Ivory
I've loved this foundation for quite some time now, probably over a year and a half, and I'm not sure whether or not I've mentioned it in a post yet. So, I figured it was high time this stuff made it onto my blog.  This is definitely my holy grail foundation, I NEVER have a bad makeup day when I wear this stuff. It looks flawless on the skin, adds a nice glow without being shiny or oily looking. This will 100% be repurchased when I run out.

Lush Charity Pot Hand Cream
I finished my previous hand cream last month from Lush so I decided to try another Lush hand cream.  I couldn't say no to donating to a good cause. The charity pot I chose gives its proceeds to Voice for Animals Humane Society. I think it's important to help people around the world understand that animals aren't our slaves. They feel pain as much as we do and we cannot mistreat them for our own gain. The product itself is very creamy and smells lovely. I keep this on my bedside table and apply it every night before bed. I never wake up with dry hands with this stuff on.

Maybelline Color Tattoo in Bad to the Bronze
I've had this stuff for over a year now. It was a cult favorite with all the Youtuber beauty gurus when it came out. I kept hearing so many rave reviews that it was impossible to walk past the Maybelline Color Tattoo display and not pick a few up. This shade is my favorite. I've been reaching for it almost everyday this month. I wear it by itself all over the lid and it looks so good! So easy and quick and looks as though I've spent more than five seconds on each eye.

There you have it folks, my October faves!

What were your favorites this month?


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