Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Exchange Student's Survival Guide no1: Intro

Here's a new kind of post I'll be doing once in a while.  Since this is a lifestyle blog as well as a beauty blog, it's time I start being more consistent with posting 'lifestyle' bits.

This initial post of this new Exchange Student's Survival Guide series will be an introduction to be journey into wanting to do an exchange and why I believed it was and still is a great idea. I really hope this new kind of post will be helpful and please you all.  Here goes nothing...

Before even getting to university I wanted to do an exchange. I almost took a year off before uni to be an aupair in Spain, true story. Then I decided I wanted to continue my studies in German and went to uni to study that.  I didn't choose just any school, though. It was vital for me to pick a university where an international exchange was possible. Among other criteria that I had, the ideal school for me was Bishop's University, a couple hours outside of my hometown of Montreal.

When I was at uni, I got the chance to do two international exchanges and study abroad for two consecutive semesters. I did my Bachelor's degree in Modern Languages so it was just logical for me to study in the countries where those languages are spoken. The two languages I chose to study in uni were French and German. You may wonder why I chose French as it is my mother tongue (if you didn't know that, well there's a fun fact for you), but I had a weird feeling I'd lose my French if I didn't at least take a few literature courses in uni.  Long story short, I didn't lose my french, far from it.

Since I decide to study two languages, I was able to choose two schools in two different countries where I wanted to do an international exchange.

Where did I decide to go?

First semester abroad - Aix-en-Provence, France

Second semester abroad - Freiburg, Germany

There you go, my first post about my experience as an exchange student !

Let me know what you think (and not to worry, more beauty posts will continue as well).


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