Saturday, December 6, 2014

Naturebox November 2014

I received my second Naturebox a couple weeks ago and have been happily snacking on the contents ever since. I really like the concept of this box and I find it quite affordable, and could also make a wonderful holiday present for someone, because subscriptions can last from only 1 month up to an entire year.

The snacks are healthy, different and delicious, a triple threat ;)

Here is what was in my box this past month...

Garlic Plantains
My fave snack of the entire box! You wouldn't think this combination would necessarily be good, but it's amazing. It's not too salty, not too crunchy, it's just right! I'd want a Costco-sized bag of these to have them around all the time.

French Vanilla Almond Granola
To be honest, I didn't find this to be too exciting. Granola is good, I like it with yogurt and fresh fruit, but in a subscription box like this one where all other snacks are quite different and special, a bag of vanilla granola simply falls short.

Lemon Almond Biscotti Bites
Biscotti has never really been my favourite thing to grab when I'm craving something sweet, but these have won me over. They are really flavourful and not at all dry. A big thumbs up!

Roasted Kettle Kernels
These weren't my favourite snack, but I did enjoy them. I found them to be a little too sweet and not salty enough for my liking. I don't mind mixing the two flavours, but there needs to be a better balance. This tasted much more like a sweet snack, which only leaves one salty snack out of the five in the box...

Tart Apple Mango Crispy Chews
A delicious twist between dried fruit and candy. These aren't overly sweet, but are chewy and bite size, an ideal thing to grab and go. These resemble Fruit-to-go snacks that I used to have in my lunches as a kid, but these are a bit different since they aren't as sticky and have that crispy element added which makes all the difference.

What do you think of Naturebox?


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