Saturday, April 4, 2015

The Palette Appreciation Post

There is one item that I use pretty much everyday and when I do I cannot get enough of it. I am talking about the palette, whether it be for eyeshadows or face powders, palettes contain various shades of lovely products and sometimes it becomes quite difficult to choose just one or two shades to wear that day.

I've scavenged through my makeup collection and taken out the palettes that are the most used or the most lust worthy. Some of these are more on the neutral side, which are better for everyday wear, and others are more flashy and colourful which are fun to bust out for special occasions.

Here's a look at the palettes that I love love love !

theBalm Balm Jovi 
I do not use this one too often, because there are many more out there colours in this one, but it's just so pretty! theBalm shadows are excellent quality and they last all day.

theBalm Nude 'tude
A wonderful neutral palette with the great quality shadows the brand is known for. I reach for this quite a bit and am always satisfied with my eye makeup after using it.

theBalm Meet Matte Nude
I adore opening this up and just looking at it. This may not be the most exciting palette because they are all matte shadows, but they are pretty nonetheless. A find that having a matte shade for every eye look is essential to tie all the shades together and this palette is great to use for that very purpose.

NARS Guy Bourdin 
The ultimate blush, bronzer and highlight palette. I can find all my face products here and never be disappointed. Another palette I just love looking at.

Urban Decay Naked 
It is no secret that I adore this palette, I use almost everyday, the shadows are beautiful and the quality is perfection.

Urban Decay Naked 3
A more rose-hued version of the original palette. I find using these shadows is a great way to spice up a neutral look.

Too Faced Hearts Sephora 
A limited-edition palette that I lusted over for months before finally snatching it up when it went on sale. I cannot rave about this one enough. Beautiful, pigmented and fun colours. It also comes with two bronzers and a blush.

There you have it, palettes that I love using and simply staring at :)

What are your favorite palettes ?


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