Saturday, July 18, 2015

A brief travel diary : Frankfurt

Frankfurt is a city I've found myself traveling to often over the past several months and each time I am impressed with it's mix of modern/urban style with old German architecture. 

There are many things to do in this city from shopping, museums, parks, zoos, dining, etc. There is also the beautiful Main River that flows through the city and makes for great scenic walks. 

This first picture shows a view of the main part of the city, the shopping street is what can be seen below and the better part of the skyscrapers.

A view from the Main Tower is a definite must! A 360 degree view of the entire city is a beautiful site, plus one can see the Main River below.

The St. Bartholomew Cathedral is one of the most imposing and impressive old buildings in the city and definitely worth a visit, or at least a picture.

Just behind the cathedral, one can walk through the Old Town. There are many tourist souvenir shops and traditional German bakeries in this square. A great place to take a break from the walking around.

On a sunny day, I'd definitely recommend visiting the gardens. It is quite a large park where one can even do some paddle boating. A wonderful place to sit and enjoy nature in the middle of a big city.

It is vital for everyone to try the traditional Apfelwein (apple wine) when in Frankfurt.

ALso, not shown but important is the Goethe museum that I did visit and recommend to all literature lovers out there!

That was a quick look at my favorite spots in Frankfurt, let me know if you've visited this city and which spots I should check out during my next visit!


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