Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Clothing Haul

During my recent trip to Germany I made sure to do a bit of shopping while abroad. There are some stores one cannot find in Canada, namely Primark.

Believe it or not, the main reason I wanted to stop by Primark was to get some more pyjamas. I love their short pyjama sets and they are so inexpensive. I got a pineapple one and a black and white floral one. I also picked up a new bikini, a white set with a frilly top. I also bought a sports bra. My absolute favorite purchase is the light brown coat. It is very loose and drapes down in front, yet looks put together and makes an entire outfit look so good with it on. 

We have H&M stores in Canada, but I can never find anything I like here, but the stores in Europe can always make me spend lots of money. I bought a blue and white striped button down shirt and a plain gray t-shirt. 

Last week I also did a bit of local shopping and bought these nude flats.  A perfect wardrobe essential to add to my new vision of simple, yet elegant and put together style.

Those were my most recent purchases.


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