Tuesday, July 21, 2015


This past week has been one of the most emotional, hectic, stressful weeks of my life. Losing a loved one will do that to you. Today was the final goodbye to my grandmother.

Times like these really make you think. It makes you think about life, the people in it and what really is important.

These types of situations are hard, they are sad, and they wear you down.  I definitely felt very down this week and was extremely stressed.  However, now that some time has passed and the funeral is over, it's time to reflect.

Being thankful for the people in my life is something I do not do nearly enough. I have a wonderful, supportive family and this past week has made that even more apparent.

It also has made me even more determined to follow my dreams and choose the path that perhaps may seem more difficult and daunting, but will be infinitely more rewarding.

One other thing that I think is important; is to take the time to appreciate the world around us. Too many times we walk by a beautiful garden, or a nicely decorated display window, and we fail to acknowledge its beauty. Today, at the end of the afternoon, after the rain cleared out and the sun made its first appearance, we saw a glimpse of a rainbow.  We all knew that was the final goodbye from our  grandmother.

Life is precious, it is meant to be lived to the fullest, spent with the ones we love the most and enjoyed in the places we want to be.

A little bit deeper and very different from my usual posts, but it was needed.

I wish you all a great day and I shall be back with another post on Saturday.


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