Saturday, August 8, 2015

July Favorites 2015

Man was I ever glad for this month to end! July started out normally, actually pretty great, but then it took a turn for the worst around the second week and kept getting more horrible by the day. August is now here and I'm hoping to finally get to breathe a little and get some good news for a change.

Here's a look at the things I actually enjoyed in July.

First thing I loved this month was my trip to Maine with my girlfriends. This was our first trip as a foursome and it was great. We drove down, spent some time on the beach, had many cocktails and delicious food and had some much needed catch up time.

While in the States, one thing everyone must do is hit up the outlets stores!  That's where I found my new favorite pair of jeans. The absolute best part of the story is, they were only $15! So of course I picked up a second pair. These are the Levi's Demi Curve Mid Rise Skinny Jeans and they are wonderful. Levi's Jeans are the best, they last for ever and they make every part of the leg area look very good.

A summer fragrance I decided to bust out again this month is the Juicy Couture Viva La Juicy La Fleur. It's very girly and fun, and slightly sexy. The perfect summer combination in a pretty pink bottle.

As far as mascaras go, I've been on the high end side of things for several months now. However, there are some drugstore mascaras that are too popular to overlook. The L'Oréal Voluminous Carbon Black Mascara may be the most raved about and loved product in the beauty-sphere. It's been on my list for a while now and I finally decided to pick it up and give it a try. So far I am quite happy with it and it has made it's way into my favorites.

Since I've been a bit more tan than usual this summer, I've been able to test out the Boo-Boo Cover Up in Medium.

Whilst in Maine I also picked up this delicate ring that looks like a sailors knot. I've been loving delicate jewelry lately and this ring was a perfect addition to my collection. Unfortunately, it was cheap and snapped the day I took this picture. It was still a favorite this month though.

There you have it, some items I loved during this almost hell of a month.

Hope your month went better than mine, and here's hoping for a better August!


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