Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Planning a New Trip

This is somewhat of a different and random post, but this blog is not just about makeup chat. I also want to share certain things I am up to and what's happening.

Unforeseen circumstances have made me cancel an upcoming trip to Germany, which now leaves me with days off and no destination. I now need to plan a trip somewhere else.

Therefore here is a post talking about the places I'd like to visit and maybe I'll continue this post with another or more in the future about my planning and how I decided on a new destination.

And perhaps by doing so I can inspire some of you on your next vacation.

  • Shanghai: I have a friend currently living there, which means I'd have a place to stay. China would be such an amazing place to visit!  Unfortunately, the cost of the visa to go there is throwing me off slightly.
  • Australia/New Zealand: Family and friends are many in these two countries and I would love to visit this part of the world. It is very far away and I don't have that much time off.
  • Chicago: I have not seen much of the United States at all, and being Canadian and living directly north of the US seems like quite a waste. The down side would definitely be the cost of living there.
  • The Caribbean: A beach vacation sounds about the best thing to me at the moment, but I don't want to lie on a beach alone for a week either. I like being active and doing stuff. Relaxing is good for one day but the rest of the time I need to go go go!
  • Northern Europe/Scotland/Scandinavia: I love the northern countries in Europe, some I have visited, some I haven't and all are on my to do list.  

Thats's it for now, I'll update you all on where I decide to go and more travel tips are sure to follow.

Take care and feel free to share travel tips and destination ideas in the comments.


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