Saturday, August 29, 2015

Trip Planning: Still Deciding Where to Go

A few weeks ago I uploaded a post about planning a new trip for the end of August. I then looked at all my options, and most importantly, my budget, and decided it was wiser to stay home and work some more.  I can then save my money, and really properly plan a trip.

Plus, I like writing these posts, updating you on what I am up to and all.

As of right now, the next available option for some time off would be at the beginning of December. These are the places I would like to visit at that time.

  • Shanghai, China: I really want to go visit my friend. I haven't seen her in over a year and a trip to her new abode sounds like a great option.
  • The Caribbean: After an intense couple months back at school, I'll probably just want to collapse on a beach somewhere.
  • Northern Europe: It might be a bit cold at that time of year, but I don't doubt it would be beautiful. And the Christmas markets are always such a wondrous event.
Please leave me comments telling me where I should be planning my next trip.


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